Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand that this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect your information and put you in control.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update and manage your information

We build this CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System to help CU Students or Cadets and the OBT Supervisor to explore and interact with each other in new ways.

You can use this CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System in a way to manage your documents to be submitted to the OBT Supervisor. You can sign up for a Cadet Account if you have completed your 3 years Academic Requirements. You upload your documents using our requirement list guide or by selecting compose requirement section. And you can also see announcements from OBT Supervisor in your Cadet Dashboard account. Your uploaded documents will be then verified by the OBT Office.

To help explain things as clearly as possible, we’ve added examples, and definitions for key terms. And if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy you can contact us.


CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System - System that allows the OBT supervisor to communicate with the Cadet who are about to on board for monitoring purposes.

Personal Information - Your personal details such as name, address, phone number, email and course.

Cadet Dashboard - Cadet landing page upon signing in to their cadet accounts.

Customer Support - Chat representative in reaching out cadet through CU OBT Office Official Facebook account and page.


We want you to understand the types of information we collect as you use the CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System.

We collect information to provide better services to all our users. The information CU-OBT Office collects, and how that information is used, depends on how CU-OBT Office will use to comply with the CHED protocol and requirement.

When you’re not signed in to your Cadet Account, we store the information and documents we collect with unique identifiers. This helps us to easily identify all your documents and information.

When you’re signed in, we also collect information that we store with your Cadet Account, which we treat as personal information.


When you create a Cadet Account, you provide us with personal information that includes your name and a password. You also add a phone number and other details of your apprenticeship to your account. Even if you aren’t signed in to a Cadet Account, you might choose to provide us with information — like an email address to receive updates about CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System.

We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement and terminate accounts of repeat infringers according to the process set out in the Philippine Republic Act No. 8293 or the Intellectual Property Rights and in the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


We use data to build better services

We use the information we collect from all our services for the following purposes:

Provide our services

We use your information to deliver our services, like helping you to be informed with the latest update regarding your apprenticeship and others.

Maintain & improve our services

We also use your information to ensure our services are working as intended, such as tracking outages or troubleshooting issues that you report to us. And we use your information to make improvements to our services — for example, fixing errors in submitting documents to our CU-OBT Office Online Monitoring System helps us improve error-check features used across our platform.


Managing, reviewing and updating your information

When you’re signed in, you can always review and update information by updating profile section and by contacting CU-OBT Office through chatting in CU-OBT Office official Facebook Page to further assist you to update your profile.


When you share your information

Our platform let you share your information and documents with the OBT Supervisor only, and sharing your documents with other cadets is not allowed such as allowing them to copy and reproduce. Remember, when you share information publicly, your content may become accessible and may results to invading your privacy.

When CU-OBT Office shares your information

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of CU-OBT Office except in the following cases:

For external processing

We provide personal information to our affiliates and other trusted businesses or persons to process it for us, based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, we use service providers to help us with customer support.


We build security into our platform to protect your information

Our platform is built with strong security features that continuously protect your information. The insights we gain from maintaining our platform help us detect and automatically block security threats from ever reaching you. And if we do detect something risky that we think you should know about, we’ll notify you and help guide you through steps to stay better protected.

We work hard to protect you and CU-OBT Office from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information we hold, including:

  • We use encryption to keep your data private while in transit.
  • We offer a range of security features, like Safe Browsing, Security Checkup, and notify you to help you protect your account.
  • We review our information collection, storage, and processing practices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
  • We restrict access to personal information to non-concerned parties who need that information in order to process it. Anyone with this access is subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.


We regularly review this Privacy Policy and make sure that we process your information in ways that comply with it.

Data Transfers

We back up and use servers around the world and your information may be processed on servers located outside of the country where you live. Data protection laws vary among countries, with some providing more protection than others. Regardless of where your information is processed, we apply the same protections described in this policy. We also comply with certain territorial scope relating to the transfer of data.

When we receive formal written complaints, we respond by contacting the person who made the complaint. We work with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of your data that we cannot resolve with you directly.


When this policy applies

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by CU-OBT Office and its affiliate GreenMinded IT Solutions, including services offered on third-party sites, such as customer support services. This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to services that have separate privacy policies that do not incorporate this Privacy Policy.

Changes to this policy

We change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We always indicate the date the last changes were published and we offer access to archived versions for your review. If changes are significant, we’ll provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of Privacy Policy changes).